Saturday, February 11, 2017

Surviving Brain Tumor: My Son’s First Win in Life

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Carlisle has always been a fighter.

Upon his born day, to the day that we knew this monster tumor on his brain, until now - he keeps on fighting. This unbelievable strength that he has that even his doctors can't believe helps me keep going and strive harder for him to have a better life.

At the age of four (going five this March 31st, yipeeeeeeeeeee!), Carlisle went through a lot. At this age, he should have been waking up early to go to school. I imagine myself being a naggy momma here asking him to get up and fix himself, hehe! Imagine those 17 confinements for the past four years being the quiz bees and play games he could have joined for not with this monster on his head - I always consider surviving this battle as his first win in life.

Carlisle is a goofy and playful even before the diagnosis. He remains to be one even after it. I am always excited going home to his smiles and hugs. We go to sleep together in the afternoon and I wake up at night with him still by my side either hugging me or punching me to wake me up. He has this contagious smile that just by calling out his name he draws that beautiful creation on his face - and I always thank God for letting me be the mother of this cutest little fluffy thing on Earth.

I've cried so many times. I've questioned God in so many ways. Though through these I've learned so many things. Carlisle thought me a lot of beautiful things about parenting. And with those, I became stronger and better as a mother and most especially as a person.

Parenting is not just always happiness and playtime. And indeed, parenting is not for weak hearts - though if you have one, you will eventually get stronger as time goes by with the help of your child. I for once have a weak heart, and I never imagined myself surviving everything that we've gone through. But hey, guess what? We're here! We're kicking the monster off and we're almost in to winning it.

No matter what happens, you will always be my Carlisle. Lagi kang mahal ni Nanay whatever we go through. You will always be the chubbiest and cutest baby in my eyes. Syempre kanino ka pa ba magmamana, di ba? Hahahaha! Kidding aside, this whole journey that we're going through right now is the most challenging yet fulfilling one that I had. As what the latest McDonald's commercial says, whether you finished first or last, or not at all, for me, you are doing your best and you are still the bestest son I will ever have.

Can you remember your childhood days when your parents say that you did okay even though you did not bag that first prize on your first intra-school spelling bee? Remember when they said it's fine even if their favorite plate or glass was shattered into pieces because of you? Learning from the latest McDonald's TVC, it shows us that no matter what we do, or what we become, our parents will still love and care for us.

It's been a while since I last posted, ano? By the way, we're still looking for funds and/or organization that can help us with ze cranio kid's next operation. We're at P53,000 out of the P250k that we need for his next operation that I'm wishing and praying to be done after his birthday in God's will. You can help us, too! We only need 197 people to pledge P1,000, or 400 people to pledge P500 each, or 1,970 people to pledge P100 each to gets us through the remaining amount that we need.

I would like to thank everyone for keeping Carlisle in your thoughts and prayers, for those who sent gifts last holidays, and for those who keeps on sending help. In time, we will be able to give everything back in our own special way. A share of this post would also help! Please do!

If you want to donate, please go through these options:

GoFundMe for Credit Card or Dollar donations


Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account Number: 0489653699
Account Name: Marie Ruth C Berma

Banco de Oro
Account Number: 005000045298
Account Name: Marie Ruth C Berma

"This is what the Lord says, 'I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you.'" - 2 Kings 20:5


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